About Us

The Centre for Criminal Justice Administration [CCJA], Dr. RML National Law University, Lucknow was established in the year 2008. Its aim is to dichotomously promote students’ and researchers’ interest and influence in the academic discipline and practical application of criminal law. We are delighted to inform that the Centre runs under the guidance and leadership of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr Subir K. Bhatnagar. With great pleasure we’d like to introduce Dr. Kumar Askand Pandey (Coordinator, CCJA) who being a criminal law luminary has spearheaded the Centre to assist various agencies and to evocatively highlight and address the loopholes and fallacies that hinder the people from accessing their rights.

CCJA is credited with many firsts in RMLNLU. Right from its inception, the CCJA collaborated with Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to conduct a series of training and sensitisation programmes for Prison officials from across the country. CCJA also organised several national seminars on issues of contemporary relevance such as cyber crimes, terrorism etc. In the year 2010, the CCJA celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Indian Penal Code, 1860 by organising the first ever International Seminar at RMLNLU. In the year 2010 itself, CCJA undertook a major research project to study the prosecution system in Uttar Pradesh and its report submitted in 2012 made policy recommendations for overhauling the prosecution apparatus. This research project was sponsored by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh. In collaboration with the Directorate of Prosecution, Uttar Pradesh, a series of training and capacity building programmes were started by CCJA in 2011-2012. The CCJA is also working on a UNICEF-sponsored mega project since the year 2016 for strengthening Child Protection System in Uttar Pradesh. The student members of CCJA are also engaged in carrying out research and consultancy projects assigned by the Directorate of Prosecution, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2019-2020. Further, under the aegis of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Government of India, in the year 2011, CCJA had organised a regional consultation of the states of North India for making recommendations and suggestions on the draft Bill that was later enacted into the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

The Centre also manages a blog that accepts academically-oriented submissions, both in the sole discipline of criminal law or intertwined with other socio-legal disciplines, on a rolling basis from members of the legal fraternity. Dr K.A. Pandey has been kind enough to accept the position of Editor-in- Chief of the blog and guide us in establishing the blog as a hallmark of quality. In addition, open-to-all interactive seminars that promote dynamic debate and discussion are frequently hosted with eminent guest speakers.

The Centre’s ultimate object is the promotion of the discipline of criminal law to legal minds, its application in scenarios that assist law enforcement agencies, and to evocatively highlight and address the loopholes and fallacies that evade the general populace of their right of access to justice.